Phone us, and we’ll recommend professional service providers
and vendors in the following categories...

  • Appliance
    appliance purchase, appliance repair
  • Architects/Designers
    architect planning, architect design, architect safety adaptation, architect manage
  • Automobile/Vehicle
    auto estimate, auto sell, auto lease, auto repair, auto disabled adaptation
  • Computer Services
    computer advice, computer purchase, computer installation, computer repair, computer instruction
  • End of Life
    cremation, burial, estate sale, notary public
  • Engineering
    engineering structural, engineering civil, engineering soil, engineering other
  • Gardening/Landscaping
    garden design, garden consultation, garden maintenance, garden irrigation, garden installation, pruning
  • Home Construction
    contractors, driveways, windows, garage doors
  • Home Inspection
    home general, foundations, floors, pests, asbestos, mold
  • Home Repair (small)
    furniture, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roof, repair walls, repair floors, repair coverings, repair chimneys, repair other
  • Home Safety/Personal
    locksmith, safety architect, medical, safety other
  • Insurance
    insurance advice, evaluation, life & long-term care, homeowners, renters, insurance other
  • Interior Cleaning
    cleaning general, carpets, cleaning windows, chimneys
  • Miscellaneous
    piano tuning, bike repair, book donation, catering, photography
  • Moving & Hauling
    moving local, interstate, move managers, packers/unpackers
  • Organizing/Decorating
    organize, design, advise, decorate
  • Wellness/Personal Care
    massage, hair & nails, preventative care, hearing aids, wellness other